SOL Academy

"Love, belonging and connection are the universal sources of true well-being"

SOL Academy is a capacity building program that targets youths from age 5 to 17, with the aim of helping them develop their personal skills, discover their potential and strengthen them socially through character building activities, performing arts trainings, inspirational speakers, camps and trips. This program intends to empower youth and encourage them to pursue their dreams and overcome the obstacles they face while reaching out to their goals.

SOL stands for “Sing out Loud” in the meaning of “Express yourself out loud”. Our mission is to see your children confident, positive and happy.

What we do … We

    1. Provide extra-curricular activities that combine FUN and LEARNING to unleash our children’s talents and potential
    2. Move away from the too often rigid academic side of education provided by schools etc…
    3. Generate a fun, beneficial and stimulating environment for our children where they can enjoy learning in an informal setting. No stuffy classrooms here!
    4. Make our children feel important and empower them by giving priority to their needs and ambitions
    5. DO NOT put our children under any unnecessary pressure to “perform”. We focus on “WANT TO DO” not “HAVE TO DO” ! Yet we encourage them to come out of their comfort zone!
    6. Instill a love and appreciation of our country and heritage. In the case of foreign students, we introduce them to this magnificent land and culture.
    7. Take “selfies”!!
      😊 By this we mean that we promote self-confidence, self-respect, self-worth, self-awareness and self-esteem.

Give our children a chance

SOL Academy is Egypt's leading youth development program. Ages (9-17). Our program runs on Fridays & Saturdays.Venue: School of Continuing Education, The American University in CairoGate #4 AUC New CairoAUC AvenueProgram Fees: 8,710 egp, 10% siblings discount available.For more information sign up here: www.bloomsegypt.comor call us: 0106 005 9828 or 0106 482 2422Our mission is to empower, inspire and develop the personal and social skills of youth.

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How we do it … 

We Offer the following activities:

Soft Skills Activities

Character building games and activities to develop leadership, communication, team work, presentation skills of our participants and more


Performing arts activities (acting, dancing, singing, playing instruments).




Motivational talks and workshops given by prominent and inspiring Egyptian figures of all ages