SOL Academy is a capacity building program that targets youths from age 5 to 17, with the aim of helping them develop their personal skills, discover their potential and strengthen them socially through character building activities, performing arts trainings, inspirational speakers, camps and trips. This program intends to empower youth and encourage them to pursue their dreams and overcome the obstacles they face while reaching out to their goals.

SOL stands for “Sing out Loud” in the meaning of “Express yourself out loud”. Our mission is to see your children confident, positive and happy.

Age Groups & Locations

Smash Club, Les Rois Compound (New Cairo)

SOL Jr. (5-8) 09:00 am – 10:30 am
Age Group (9 – 12): 09:00 am – 11:00 am
Age Group (13 – 17): 11:30 am – 01:30 pm

The Turf, HYDE OUT, HYDE PARK (New Cairo)
SOL Jr. (5-8) 09:00 am – 10:30 am
Age Group (9 – 12): 09:00 am – 11:00 am
Age Group (13 – 17): 11:30 am – 01:30 pm

Semester Schedule

Available for download in the Theme Sheet below

Program Fees

Regular Fees: 2,200 EGP / month (semester 9 is 3 months)


  • Pay full Semester fees only 5,700 EGP
  • Early Bird on Full semester fees 5,200 EGP (until December 7)
  • Group rate (5 or more..) 5,400 EGP
  • Siblings Discount 150 EGP per child

Please select the day & payment option you prefer. 

SOL Academy on Fridays (Monthly payments)

SOL Academy Friday Sessions (full semester payment)

SOL Academy on Saturdays (Monthly fees)

SOL Academy on Saturdays (Full semester payment)

Our Philosophy…
According to positive psychology, both skills of achievement and well being, need to be taught to have happy, confident and successful people. In fact, Happier students pay better attention, are more creative, and have greater levels of community involvement (Fisher, 2015). This can be accomplished through the model of PERMA (Fisher, 2015):

P – Positive Emotions: Feeling positive emotions such as joy, gratitude, interest, hope.
E – Engagement: Being fully absorbed in activities that use your skills yet challenges you.
R – Relationships: Having positive relationships.
M – Meaning: Belonging to and serving something you believe is bigger than yourself.
A – Accomplishment: Pursuing success, winning achievement and mastery.

At SOL, we will foster an environment of PERMA through art-based activities to promote confidence, happiness and success. We believe that if every child has one good experience of overcoming a challenge (fear of singing, presenting) and succeeding, the child is more likely to believe in himself and take on the path he or she wishes in life.

How we do it … 

We Offer the following activities:

Soft Skills Activities

Character building games and activities to develop leadership, communication, team work, presentation skills of our participants and more


Performing arts activities (acting, dancing, singing, playing instruments).




Motivational talks and workshops given by prominent and inspiring Egyptian figures of all ages